Removal of my Asbestos Garage

I have lived in my current house in Fairfield West for 20 years. When I bought it I was not aware, the handy little garage out the back that I planned to house many a classic car (and I did) was riddled with asbestos, as many houses and garages in the area were in those days.

The main danger of asbestos is a type of cancer called mesothelioma that is almost always eventually fatal. A lot of people never even show symptoms for decades, but 30 years after they are exposed to asbestos, they may die from this dreaded disease. I certainly didn’t want that to be me.

You cannot get sick just by being in the same room or looking at this material. However, fibers tend to come lose and they can get inhaled without even realising it.

So anyway, I had the garage inspected when I moved in, there was some minor Asbestos disposal to be taken care of and I was given the all clear to use it.

I housed many cars in that garage over the 20 years, including my valued ’67 Fastback and ’69 Pontiac.

But now has come the time to say goodbye, I am replacing it with a Colorbond structure that will hopefully still be there when I decide to kick the bucket, and long after.

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