Now That’s a Ferrari

The car was more widely known as the Daytona after Enzo Ferrari’s plans to name the car after his team’s 1967 triumph became common knowledge, even though Ferrari himself had subsequently shelved those plans and reverted to the original name.

The 365 GTS/4 was a ‘Spyder’ variant of the original Ferrari Daytona, the 365GTB/4 from 1968. It was designed after the realisation that a Spyder variant could increase the appeal of the GTB/4, labelled a ‘berlinetta’, or in more common terms a saloon or coupe.


Although the GTS/4 sported new bodywork and panelling, the specifications were the same, with both cars able to achieve speeds close to 275kmh thanks to the V-12 engine that produced 355hp and 427nM of torque. This enabling the 15 competition models of the GTS/4 that were produced to win many a race over the years.

Fewer than 125 models were built overall, making them all the more desirable, to the point where some of the more numerous GTB/4s had to be rebuilt with the new bodywork to convert them into GTS/4s.

With its combination of power, looks and later a prominent television role it has a long standing fanbase. It was the dream car of many young males of its era, although its rarity meant that only a select group of society could actually get their hands on one.

Nowadays the value of the GTS/4 has increased even more due to the lack of them. $450,000 tends to be as cheap as they can be found, while some have been sold over $1million.

Car insurance quotes for expensive classic cars such as the 365GTS/4 are usually less than the actual value of the vehicle, with many car insurance companies unwilling to take the risk of insuring them for full value.

In Miami Vice, the 1980s crime drama, the main character – undercover detective Sonny Crocket – drove the GTS/4 for the first two seasons. Although the series attached yet more prestige to the car’s name, it was a contentious issue at Ferrari as the car that was actually used was a Corvette with a Ferrari body.

Ferrari Daytona restoration specialists, McBurnie, who still operate today, were met with a lawsuit from Enzo Ferrari, who was annoyed that the show was gaining fame by using a fake Ferrari Daytona Spyder. This led to the GTS/4 being dropped, depicted in an explosion in the third series, replaced by two Testarossas donated by Ferrari himself.

Although more traditional Ferrari colours are red (thanks to the racing department) or yellow (representing their hometown of Modena), the Daytona featured in the show was initially black, although the Testarossa was changed to white on Ferrari’s request.

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