Shipping Containers: An Novel Approach To Go Glamping

Recently, it’s impossible to go to any kind of festival without hearing people raving about their “glamping” experience. Some are staying in teepees, yurts, and many other crazy structures that are far from the traditional tent. But what is glamping? And how can a shipping container have anything to do with camping?

Just like the words smoke and fog combine to form “smog,” glamping is a portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping. It is camping without having to sacrifice comfort, even in locations in far off reaches or wilderness areas and beaches. The exact type of accommodation varies and is usually dependent on the local culture. In Africa, safari tents are used, in Mongolia they opt for yurts, and in the United States high-end trailers and RVs are often used.


So where to shipping containers come in?

Shipping containers are rapidly gaining popularity in the glamping world, primarily thanks to a particular beach resort located in Argentina called Alterra.

This resort has created high-end and portable cabins out of old shipping containers that have been modified and fully equipped. However, these aren’t your average beat up old containers. The interiors of these containers have been completely altered so that they more closely resemble a 5-star hotel than a rusty old box that is carted across the ocean or behind trains.

This resort is surrounded by a dense forest of pine and has a private pool that was constructed using recycled components. There is also an impressive gallery of art. Nearby, you can find organic local produce, supplies for painting and other arts and crafts, and spas where you can enjoy a long, relaxing massage.

The resort was designed to be friendly to the environment, and each shipping container was placed so that they did not need to remove any trees. The containers use lighting and appliances that are energy efficient, and, should the need arise, the shipping containers can be removed easily so the area can go back to nature.

Each cabin is made using two used shipping containers in the shape of an L, with a wooden deck filling the area into a rectangle. The insulation used is made out of recycled materials and is locally sourced in Argentina. However, this luxury does not come cheap. Staying in one of these luxury shipping containers can run up to $250 dollars US.

Preston Hire (a Sydney crane hire company) has long known the versatility of using shipping containers for storage and site offices.

Are you ready to experience the wilderness from your very own luxurious shipping container?

Glamping in these remodeled shipping containers may have started at that elite resort in South America, however, it has started to spread around the world. They are no longer the solely the domain of the wealthy. These containers are cheap to buy and easy to place on most any type of land that you can access. You will need two shipping containers, wired for electricity and with plumbing added, insulation to line the walls, a door, and a couple of windows. Once assembled you will be able to customize the container however you see fit, from the bare essentials to luxurious splendor. It is all up to you (and your budget, of course).


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